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Art harnesses the potential of earth to unveil a worldview. Technology is an extension of human faculties, and these extensions have equal potential to benefit and harm depending on how they are utilized. is a portmanteau to bodhi and .io - bodhi is the Sanskrit word for awakening and .Io is a popular domain used by technology companies. The mission of is to awaken human spirit through synthesizing works of art and technology.


As a lover of philosophy and hip hop, I treat creating visual art like sampling music - referencing an existing work of art to create a new iteration with idiosyncratic style and flair.

My mixed media method consists of blending traditional techniques like relief printmaking with innovative digital modifications. This process enables thematic concepts to be continously reiterated while individual works of art maintain a unique aura.


As someone who studied philosophy of technology and loves making art - the transition into NFTs felt not only natural but inevitable. Here are the latest NFT projects that I have been working on.

The Stoics
Art project honouring the philosophy of stoicism. Original artwork available as NFTs and prints. 20% of the proceeds go toward a social impact fund.
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